PF Curriculum

Public Forum

At National Debate Forum we take tremendous pride in our Public Forum Debate division.  NDF has a proven track record of success in Public Forum, providing a unique, focused experience that delivers results.  Unlike other camps where PF comes second, NDF gives this event the attention and resources is deserves as the National Speech and Debate Association‘s most popular event.

NDF is a great institute choice because we attract students who want to be nationally competitive in PF.  Our students are a key part of the institute experience, and we encourage peer learning.  The top-notch competitors who come to NDF for Public Forum are a testament to our approach — and a benefit to our camp.


Our staff provides students a variety of perspectives on Public Forum Debate. We recognize that there are many valid approaches to Public Forum Debate, and our goal is to teach to your needs and style.

We hold seminars and classes on topics ranging from case writing to the psychology of judges to the geopolitics of resource security. Our faculty goes out of its way to make you think harder and deeper about how you debate — and how to win your rounds.

The students will research, write cases, and develop strategies to debate a simulated Public Forum Debate resolution and compete in a full tournament at the end of the institute. Students will work on case revisions, participate in several practice debates and refine their skills with the best coaches and former debaters in the country. We aim to help students build the confidence they need to stand toe to toe with the best debaters in the county and to provide students with skills that will extend beyond their debate rounds.

NDF provides a three tiered curriculum to cater to the needs of every debater. Students learn the skills relevant to their style and level and debate, and even returning campers receive a unique, varied experience.

Small lab groups are built around skill and experience level. No one is made to feel more or less important than anyone else. Students will work with their lab leaders in group and individual settings to develop they specific skills they need. Every student who attends walks away a better debaterD