The Summit Debate family is the whole reason for our success and why we have been a favorite choice since 1995. Whether you are coming for Extemp, Interp or Debate, we have a staff that is experienced in high school speech and debate. Our senior staff members typically have at least a decade of experience. We also use recent graduates to keep us fresh with new ideas and approaches. Below is the staff that will be working this summer. New additions are added all the time. We invite you to come back frequently and see who is added!

Steven Schappaugh 

National Debate Forum Director | BOSTON | IOWA

Public Forum & Lincoln Douglas Debate Curriculum Director 

Steven Schappaugh is the Director of Community Engagement at the National Speech and Debate Association.  Previously, he served as the Director of Speech and Debate and Associate Director for Student Life at University School in Fort Lauderdale. Under his guidance, the University School team was ranked in the top one percent of all teams by the National Speech and Debate Association. Additionally, he was elected to serve on the Association’s Board of Directors, served as a District Chair, and served on the LD Rules and Recommendations Committee in 2006. As a coach at University School, Dowling Catholic, Myers Park, and Des Moines North, his students have won numerous state championships in Iowa, Florida, and North Carolina in LD, PF, HI, DI, OO, EXT, and DUO. At Nationals his school has received the Overall School of Excellence, Debate School of Excellence, and Speech School of Excellence awards. Individual students have won a national championship in Humorous Interpretation, were a finalist in Congressional Debate, semifinalists in Duo Interpretation and International Extemp, as well as elimination round participants in LD, PF, DI, and OO. He has had students win the Tournament of Champions in PF Debate, as well as advance as far as semifinals in LD Debate. Students of his have been in late elimination rounds at tournaments such as Glenbrooks, Apple Valley, Bronx, Greenhill, Valley, Dowling Catholic Paradigm, Yale, Harvard, Emory, and more. 

 Public Forum Staff

Jeffrey Miller

Curriculum Director | BOSTON | IOWA

Jeffrey Miller is the Director of Speech & Debate for Marist School in Atlanta, GA.  He has been actively involved with debate as a participant or a coach since 2002.  He began coaching Public Forum on the national circuit in 2010. His teams have reached outrounds at several of the country’s top tournaments including the Tournament of Champions and NDCA Nationals. Jeffrey’s teams have reached late outrounds in every geographic part of the country ranging from Arizona State to Emory to Blake School. Jeffrey has coached four state champion teams in Georgia and two state runner up teams since 2011.  He has had more than 75 students to NCFL Nationals, NSDA Nationals, Tournament of Champions and NDCA Nationals. Jeffrey has been recognized as the 2013 NDCA Rising Star Award, 2012 GFCA Debate Coach of the Year, the 2011 Susan Saxon Dedication Coaching Award and the 2010 Peach Fuzz Coaching Award.


Matthew Feng


Matthew Feng debated for four years at Plano West Senior High School. There in Public Forum, he was a top-six finisher at the NSDA National Tournament (2015) as well as a finalist at the Harvard Round Robin (2015). Outside of Public Forum, he was also a member of a third-place finishing team at the Bickel & Brewer International Public Policy Forum (2014) and the runner-up in Extemporaneous Speaking at the TFA State Tournament (2015). As a coach, Matthew has helped his students on their way to the top speaker award at Yale (2015), Emory (2016), and Bellaire (2016). Additionally, his teams have reached late outrounds at tournaments across the country, from Stanford (CA) to Grapevine (TX) to Emory (GA) to Yale (CT). Matthew will be a junior at Duke University next fall studying Economics and Political Science. He is thrilled to be back for NDF!


Toni Heimes 


Toni Heimes is the director of debate at Lincoln Southwest High School in Nebraska. A three-diamond coach, Toni has coached speech and debate for the past 21 years. Toni currently serves on the Nebraska NSDA committee and is the Nebraska Speech Communication and Theater Association’s debate chair. On a national level, Toni is an Executive Board Member of the National Individual Events Tournament of Champions (NIETOC).

As a coach, Toni has coached state champions in PF, LD and Congress. On the national level, Toni has qualified 15 PF teams to the NFL National tournament. Out of these teams, three placed in the top 25 with one 10th place finish In 2006, Lincoln Southwest won the School of Excellence Award in Debate from the National Forensics League. Lincoln Southwest has also had several teams qualify and compete at the TOC. Toni lives in Lincoln, Nebraska with her husband, Matt, and her 15 year-old son, Kameron.

Kevin Hautigan


Kevin Hautigan is in his fourth year of Public Forum Debate at Fort Lauderdale High School in Florida and is president of his team. As a sophomore, Kevin reached elimination rounds at tournaments including semifinals at Glenbrooks (2014) and octafinals at The Tournament of Champions (2015). His junior year, he reached quarterfinals at Blue Key (2015), finals of the Florida State tournament (2016), elimination rounds at The Tournament of Champions (2016), and championed NDCA Nationals (2016). At the beginning of his senior year, Kevin has championed the Forensic Early Bird at Wake Forest (2016). Throughout his career, Kevin has received four TOC bids and has broken at other tournaments including Bronx Science (2014 & 2015), Emory (2014 & 2015), and the Crestian Tradition (2014 & 2015), while receiving numerous speaker awards including top speaker at the Florida State tournament (2016). He looks forward to working with students at NDF this summer!

Jake Mengarelli


Jake Mengarelli has debated in public forum for 4 years at the Nueva School in San Mateo after cofounding the program as a freshman. He has collected 6 bids to the Tournament of Champions over his Sophomore and Junior years and in his Junior year won the Bronx Science tournament (2015), the Harker invitational (2015), the Kandi King Round Robin (2016) was a quarterfinalist at the Stanford tournament (2016), an octafinalist at Yale (2016) as has been ranked as high as 3rd in the nation. Jake won the 2017 Tournament of Champions in Public Forum Debate. He is excited for another great summer at NDF!

Drew Young


Drew Young debated for four years at Columbus High School (GA), serving two years as captain. He was instrumental in growing the program from an after school club consisting of twelve students to a competitive team of over forty debaters. As a junior, he earned his first TOC bid, won the Georgia State Championship, and reached outrounds at NSDA Nationals. After competing exclusively in Georgia for three years, Drew amassed six TOC bids as a senior, his only year competing on the national circuit. In the 2015-2016 season, Drew reached quarters at Wake and Laird Lewis, octas at Apple Valley and Emory, and championed Carrollton and Isidore Newman. Drew has earned several speaker awards, including 2nd at Wake, 10th at Laird Lewis, and 12th at Emory. He now serves as the assistant coach of the public forum division at Marist School in Atlanta. Drew studies Political Science and Journalism at the University of Georgia, and is excited to return to NDF this summer! <3

Danny Siegel


Danny Siegel competed for Fort Lauderdale High school (FL). At Fort Lauderdale, Danny served two years as Treasurer and one year as Vice President of his debate team. While competing, Danny made it to octos at the TOC his sophomore year and the runoff round his junior year. Danny has semi-finaled at Glenbrooks, quarterfinaled at Blue key, finaled at the Sunvitational, and made it to multiple bid rounds at tournaments such as Blake, Emory, and Crestian. Additionally, Danny championed the Early Bird Wake Forest University Tournament, the National Debate Coaches Association tournament (NDCA), as well as the Blue Key Round Robin. He has won multiple speaking awards including 7th speaker at the Wake Forest Invitational. Danny is currently ranked 7th in the nation on Debate Rankings and has amassed a total of eight career bids to the Tournament of Champions. During his junior year summer, Danny completed an internship at the United Nations. He is planning on studying Peace, War, and Defense with a concentration in National and International Security at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill next year. He is extremely excited to spend his 4th year at NDF in Boston!

Sam Wood


Sam Wood has debated for four years for Ardrey Kell High School in Charlotte, North Carolina, amassing eleven career TOC bids. In his career, Sam has championed the Laird Lewis and Yale Invitationals, reached finals at Blake and Wake Forest, semifinals at Glenbrooks, quarterfinals at Emory, NCFL Nationals, and the Tournament of Champions, Sam has received speaker awards from Blue Key (1st), Glenbrooks (2nd), Wake (2nd), Yale (3rd), TOC (4th), Emory (5th), and Harvard (7th). In his junior year, Sam was ranked 4th in the country, while he was ranked 1st in the nation in his senior year. He looks forward to working with debaters this summer to develop both technical and persuasive skills while exploring the intricacies of public forum debate.

Tim Scheffler


Tim Scheffler is the head debate coach and assistant speech coach at James Madison Memorial (since 2002) and head debate coach at Madison West (since 2014). In the 90’s he competed in extemp as well as CD, LD, and CX. He has qualified students to the TOC in PF, LD, congress, DI and extemp and qualified students to NSDA in all events except POI. His students have won the Wisconsin championship in PF in 5 of 11 years of the event’s existence, never finishing less than semi-finalists, the extemp championship 9 of 14 years, and the team speech championship in 12 of the last 14 years. Multiple students reached national extemp finals at NSDA, NCFL, and the Northwestern Extemp TOC. JMM’s top PF team took 3rd place at the 2015 NSDA tournament and 4th in 2016, and one team from each school reached elimination rounds at the 2016 TOC. In the past two seasons, his teams reached elimination rounds at 18 of 19 circuit tournaments they attended, and earning bids at 13, including closing out Dowling finals, champions at Middleton, Apple Valley, Manchester, and finalists at Glenbrooks, West DesMoines Valley, and Millard North. Outside of debate coaching, Tim is a practicing plaintiffs’ attorney in a boutique office specializing in labor, employment and civil rights claims. His board game collection could earn him a spot on an episode of Hoarders.

Austin Kim


Austin Kim spent 4 years debating on the national circuit for Fairmont Preparatory Academy, was vice-president of the team his junior year, and president as a senior. He amassed 15 career bids, accruing 7 of them his senior year. His significant achievements include semi-finals at the Cal Berkeley Invitational his junior year, being ranked #9 in the nation on both VBriefly and Debate Rankings his junior year, and peaking at #8 on VBriefly his senior year. He also reached Octo-Finals at the Tournament of Champions his sophomore year, Quarter-Finals at the Tournament of Champions his junior year, while also finaling at the Blake Round Robin his senior year.

Harish Korrapati


Harish Korrapati has competed in Public Forum Debate for the past four years for Ardrey Kell High School in Charlotte, North Carolina. In his four years, Harish has spoken first and second at various local and national tournaments. In total, he has amassed 6 bids to the TOC. In his junior year, Harish reached outrounds at Yale, GMU, Laird Lewis, Emory, and Harvard, while qualifying to the TOC and NCFLs. In his senior year, Harish championed Yale; reached finals at Wake Forest; and reached semifinals at Bronx, Glenbrooks, and Emory. He will be attended Duke University in the fall. Harish is excited to spend the summer teaching NDF students.

Karina Franke


Karina Franke (Yale ’20) is a graduate of Hackley School in Tarrytown, NY. She co-founded her high school debate team, served as a co-captain her junior and senior years, and helped develop Hackley’s middle school debate program. In 2015-16, she competed in outrounds at ten tournaments, earned four TOC bids, and semi-finaled at both the TOC and CFL Nationals. In high school, Karina was a Scholastic Art & Writing triple gold medalist and American Voices winner in persuasive writing. During her senior year, she interned at the English Speaking Union in NYC, where she worked on projects aimed at integrating debate into the classroom and increasing female participation in debate. Currently, Karina is on the Round Ready Coaching team and competes in parliamentary debate for the Yale Debate Association. She is very excited to return to NDF this summer!

Jack Votava


Jack Votava is a graduating senior at James Madison Memorial in Madison, Wisconsin, where he has served as Captain of the debate team for the last two years. In his 3 years of national-circuit PF, Jack qualified twice to the TOC, making outrounds at the Glenbrooks, Dowling, Blake, Blake Round Robin, Stanford, and Penn, as well as finaling at Millard North and West Des Moines Valley and winning the 2017 Apple Valley tournament. He was also a semifinalist in Congressional debate at the 2017 NSDA nationals. In addition to his focus on debate, Jack participates in a variety of public speaking and acting, including captaining his school’s forensics team and championing the WI State Tournament. He is looking forward to working with students at NDF this summer!

Asher Spector


Asher Spector has debated Public Forum for four years at Horace Mann high school in the Bronx and is currently the president of his team. His junior year, Asher earned two bids to the tournament of champions at the Lexington and Bronx Science tournaments and placed 6th overall at the NSDA national tournament. So far in his senior year, Asher has received another five bids to the TOC and reached late elimination rounds at the Columbia, Blake, Lexington, Bronx Science, and Yale tournaments. He has also won top 10 speaker awards at Princeton, Lexington, and Bronx Science. Additionally, Asher’s novices recently championed the 2016 Ridge Novice Invitational. He’s looking forward to teaching at NDF this summer!

Lizzie McCord


Lizzie McCord is a senior at Hunter College High School in New York City, where she has participated in Public Forum debate for all four years. She has amassed a total of seven career bids thus far, and auto-qualified to the 2017 TOC. In her junior year, she reached quarterfinals of Big Bronx, the Sunvitational, and the Columbia Invitational. She also co-championed the Princeton Invitational, and reached octafinals of the TOC where she was also second seed. So far in her senior year she has reached quarterfinals of Big Bronx where she was also 3rd speaker. She is excited to work with students this summer at NDF!

Connor Fraundorf


Connor Fraundorf competed for Marist School (GA).  At Marist, Connor served as Public Forum captain his senior year.  While competing, Connor reached elimination rounds at Apple Valley, Bellaire, Blake, Carrollton, Isidore Newman, NDCA, Spain Park, Valley, and Wake Forest twice. He earned bids to the TOC his junior and senior year, qualifying his senior year. He is attending the Honors College at the University of South Carolina in the fall.  He is excited to return to NDF as an instructor.

Ellis London


Ellis London competed in PF at Walt Whitman High School for four years, serving as team captain his senior year. In this time, Ellis reached elimination rounds at tournaments such as the Columbia, Wake Forest, Lexington, and Laird Lewis invitationals, most notably earning bids at George Mason and Blake, where he made it to semifinals his senior year. Additionally, Ellis attended NSDA nationals and the Tournament of Champions, where he broke to the runoff round. An NDF alum, he is ecstatic to return as an instructor this summer!

Nathan Witkin


Nathan Witkin debated for four years at Walt Whitman High School (MD) and now coaches their Public Forum team. As a student, Nathan reached late outrounds at a variety of tournaments including semifinals at the Wake, Minneapple, and Yale Invitationals, and finals at the Harvard Invitational, earning a career total of 11 bids. He has also received a multitude of speaker awards including top speaker at Yale and the TOC. During his first year of coaching, Nathan’s students have broken at many tournaments and both semifinaled at and championed the Blake Invitational. He is excited to work with students at NDF this summer!

Cale McCrary


Cale McCrary debated for Saint Mary’s Hall in San Antonio, Texas, serving as the Team Captain his junior and senior years. In 2016, Cale has been ranked as highly as 20 in the nation in Public Forum, reaching late out-rounds at the NSDA National Tournament, the Grapevine Classic (5th overall speaker), the Bellaire Forensic Tournament (1st overall speaker), and has bid to the Tournament of Champions. In Extemp, Cale has bid to the Extemp Tournament of Champions, and gotten to late out rounds at the Texas Forensics Association Tournament, the Longhorn Classic, and the Churchill Forensics Tournament. Cale is excited to return to NDF on staff this summer! 

Michael Li


Michael Li is in his fourth year of Public Forum Debate at Durham Academy (NC), where he currently serves as team captain. Throughout his career, he has amassed 10 bids to the Tournament of Champions—attending every year his since sophomore year—, won the North Carolina State Championship, and qualified twice to the NSDA National Tournament, where he was a top 32 finisher in 2016. He championed the Florida Blue Key Invitational, GMU Patriot Games, and Holy Cross Tournament and Round Robin. Michael has reached late outrounds at numerous other national tournaments, including quarterfinals at Yale (2015), Harvard (2015 & 2016), and the Glenbrooks (2016), and semifinals at the Glenbrooks (2015). Michael has also received numerous speaker awards, most notably the top speaker at the North Carolina State Championship and 5th speaker at the Harvard Round Robin. He has been ranked as high as 3rd in the nation. Michael is incredibly stoked to work with students at NDF this summer!

Ella Fanger


Ella Fanger is in her fourth year of Public Forum Debate at Oakwood School in Los Angeles California. Ella is a two-time qualifier to the Tournament of Champions and NSDA tournament and has been ranked as high as 5th in the nation. So far, in her senior year, she has reached semifinals at the Yale Invitational. In her junior year, Ella amassed 6 bids to the TOC, reaching octafinals at the Yale Invitational, quarterfinals at the New York City Invitational, quarterfinals at the Sunvitational, and quarterfinals at the Barkley Forum. As a sophomore, she reached out rounds at several national tournaments, including championing the Milo Cup at Millard North. She has also received numerous speaker awards including top speaker at the Yale Invitational and Sunvitational. She is very excited to spend her summer at NDF!

Harrison Hurt


Harrison Hurt is an assistant public forum coach for the Walt Whitman Speech and Debate team in Bethesda, Maryland. This year, Harrison’s students have collected a total of five bids to the Tournament of Champions, championed Blake, quarterfinaled at Harvard, and won top speaker at Columbia, among other achievements. Before coaching for Whitman, Harrison debated in public forum for four years at Poly Prep Country Day School in Brooklyn, New York. As a debater, he accumulated twelve bids to the Tournament of Champions and championed several national circuit tournaments, including Blake, NCFL Nationals, and Harvard. He also won the round robins hosted by Blake, Laird Lewis, and Bronx. He made it to semis or further at the main tournaments of Wake Forest, Bronx, Lexington, Emory, and Laird Lewis. In both his junior and senior years, he finished in the top ten at NSDA Nationals and broke at the Tournament of Champions. He earned numerous speaker awards, including top speaker at Bronx, second speaker at Yale, and second speaker at the Tournament of Champions, among others. This fall, Harrison will be a sophomore at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, where he plans to major in International Political Economy. He is very excited to work at NDF this summer.

Kaley Pillinger


Kaley Pillinger is a two-time NDF camper who debated for four years in Public Forum at Hunter College High School (and two in middle school Parli!). She attended the TOC in her sophomore, junior, and (will attend in her) senior years, collecting 7 bids total, not including her auto-qualification to the TOC from reaching octafinals at TOC in junior year. As of October 2016, Kaley and her partner Josh were ranked as the second team in the nation and Kaley was the first ranked female debater. Select tournament awards include champion of Big Bronx, aka NYC Invitational (2016); champion of the Princeton Invitational (2015); third place team at the Harvard Round Robin (2016); and semifinalist at the Yale invitational (2014). She’s looking forward to another great summer at NDF!

Anson Fung


Anson Fung is currently the assistant debate coach for Strake Jesuit College Preparatory and has served in this capacity for the past two years.  During this time, two of Strake Jesuit’s PF teams received their first TOC bids and have advanced to multiple bid rounds at major national tournaments such as Grapevine, Glenbrooks, and Florida Blue Key.  At Sunvite this year, Strake Jesuit’s sophomore team qualified to the TOC, a first in the program’s history.  Back in Houston, Anson helped coordinate the first Strake Jesuit NDF PF Round Robin, a not-for-profit event designed to allow the best debaters from across the country to compete regardless of their socio-economic background.  Prior to graduating from Strake Jesuit College Preparatory, Anson was a Lincoln-Douglas debater for 3 years and a Public Forum debater for his senior year.  Notable achievements include qualifying to TFA state all four years, 3rd place in Public Forum at TFA State, and 1st place in Public Forum at the UT Longhorn Invitational.  Anson currently attends Rice University and is majoring in political science with a concentration in American government.  This will be Anson’s second year teaching at NDF and he is looking forward to another great camp.


David Yaffe


David Yaffe is a two-time alumni of NDF who debated for four years in Public Forum at Millburn High School. He was the head captain of the team in his senior year and qualified to the TOC with 5 bids. He championed Harvard and the Ridge invitational, reached semifinals at UPenn and Wake Forest, and Octafinals at the Glenbrooks. He was ranked as high as 2nd in the nation (in February). He will be attending the University of Chicago in the fall and is excited to return to NDF!


Dr. Kip McKee


Dr. Kip McKee is a two-diamond coach from South Dakota. He has coached debate and speech at Norfolk, NE, Sioux Falls Lincoln, and currently serves as the debate coach at Harrisburg, SD. Over the last twenty years of coaching, McKee has coached numerous national qualifiers and state champions in extemp, interp, oratory, congress, and PF. Since starting the debate program in Harrisburg less then a decade ago the team has qualified eight teams to the NSDA national championship, competed at NCFL, qualified teams to the TOC, and has had students in elimination rounds at Millard West, Apple Valley, and Dowling. McKee resides in Sioux Falls with his daughters AuBree, Kalia, and Athena.

Jonathan Goldberg


Jonathan Goldberg has debated for the University School (FL) for the past 4 years and acted as Public Forum Captain from 2014-2016. He won the the Crestian Tradition (2014). Additionally, he was a finalist at the Blake Round Robin (2014) and a quarterfinalist at the Blake tournament (2014). Jonathan has reached outrounds many tournaments such as the Florida State Championship, Yale, Nova Titan, and Bronx. He specializes in case writing and other preparation for tournaments. Jonathan looks forward to working with students at NDF this coming summer.

Mollie Clark


Mollie Clark is an Eagan High (MN) grad, debating in the Public Forum circuit from 2010-2014 and leading the team as captain. However, her love of debate still had not been quenched after high school, and she began coaching for Roosevelt High School in Des Moines. The past two years she has lead a wonderful team of students to two State Championships, qualifications to NSDA nationals, and various high breaks to out-rounds in the national circuit. She currently studies International Relations; Law, Politics, & Society, Spanish, and Arabic with a concentration in Middle Eastern Studies at Drake University and hopes to continue teaching debate for years to come.


Mark Allseits


Mark Allseits attended and competed for Pine View School. As a senior, Mark championed and was top speaker at both The Yale Invitational (2012) as well as the Tournament of Champions (2013). During the same year he and his partner also finaled at the Harvard Round Robin (2013) as well as semifinaled at the FFL State Tournament (2013) and made it to quarters at Blue Key (2012), Harvard (2013), and Sunvitational (2013). Mark also was a finalist in congressional debate at the NFL National Tournament (2013) his senior year. As a junior, Mark advanced to semis of the CFL National Tournament (2012) as well as the FFL State Tournament (2012) and made it to deep elimination rounds at the NFL National Tournament (2012). During Mark’s coaching career he has assisted teams to a variety of invitational outrounds, a North Carolina State Championship, TOC outrounds, NSDA outrounds, and a TOC championship. Mark is graduating from Western Kentucky University where he competed for four years in Collegiate Forensics. At WKU Mark ranked in the top 12 in Extemporaneous Speaking and Rhetorical Criticism at the NFA and AFA National Tournaments. He also championed the 2016 Pi Kappa Delta National Tournament and 2017 NFA National Tournament in Lincoln Douglas debate. Before Mark attends the University of St. Thomas School of Law in the Fall, he is eager to return to NDF and continue teaching the art of debate and critical thinking.


Tim Greenfield


Tim Greenfield competed in Lincoln-Douglas debate and extemporaneous speaking while attending Apple Valley High School (MN), qualifying to NFL Nationals each year and finishing as an NFL All-American in 2007. In Lincoln-Douglas debate, Tim competed in late elimination rounds of tournaments such as the Mid-America Cup, Greenhill, and Blake, while winning bids at St. Marks, Glenbrooks, and the Barkley Forum in 2006, earning qualification to the Tournament of Champions. In extemporaneous speaking, Tim finished 2nd in Extemp at the 2007 National Catholic Forensic League Grand National Tournament, and finished 6th in International Extemp at the 2007 National Forensic League National Tournament, while breaking to the final round at the Minnesota State High School League State Tournament as both a junior and senior. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin in 2010 with degrees in political science and American history, Tim now works at the Minnesota State Senate as a legal assistant, and serves as a PF and extemp coach for Edina High School (MN).

Spencer Orlowski


Spencer Orlowski competed for four years at Nova High School in Public Forum Debate. As a senior, he was a National Qualifier, a Glenbrooks semi-finalist, and Sunvitational Champion. As a collegiate debater he won the Lincoln Douglas National Championship at both the Pi Kappa Delta and National Forensics Association National Tournaments, helping WKU win the National Sweepstakes Title in Debate three separate times. After competition he coached a National Final Round closeout at the Pi Kappa Delta National Debate Tournament as well as a finalist at the National Forensics Association National Tournament. He looks forward to working in the public forum lab at NDF 2016.

Sarah Branse


Sarah Branse is a four year Public Forum debater at NSU University School (FL) and is co-captain of her team. She has qualified to the Tournament of Champions twice and has won both the Crestian Tradition Tournament and the Crestian Round Robin. In addition, she has reached finals in the Blake Round Robin, quarterfinals at Blake, Glenbrooks, and Florida Varsity States; octafinals at Harvard, Crestian, and Nova Titan; and outrounds at many other national tournaments, including Yale, Bronx, and Blue Key. She has also received several speaker awards, including Harvard 4th Place Speaker, Nova Titan 1st Place Speaker, and Crestian 3rd Place Speaker. Sarah will be attending Brown University in the fall and is very excited to work at NDF in the summer!


Nefertiti Dukes


Nefertiti Dukes just graduated from Western Kentucky University with a B.A. in Political Science and Psychology. Next year, she will begin work as Teach for America corp member in Miami, Florida. As a high school competitor, Nefertiti competed for Nova High School in Davie where she made late out round appearances at Harvard, Glenbrooks, and the National tournament. As a college competitor, Nefertiti has named the national runner-up in impromptu speaking and made a final round in extemporaneous speaking. This past season, she was crowned the National Champion in Lincoln-Douglas debate. Nefertiti has been coaching at camps for the past five years and has had the honor of coaching numerous teams to the Tournament of Champions. She is excited to work with all of the NDF campers this summer.

Ben Silvian


Ben Silvian debated for 4 years at Newton South high school, and served as team captain senior year. Ben qualified for Massachusetts states all 4 years of high school, and was the Massachusetts state champion in PF his sophomore year. On the national circuit, Ben broke at every tournament he attended his senior year. Highlights of his debate career included winning the Manchester and Millard North national tournaments, championing the Millard North Round Robin, advancing to semifinals at Columbia twice, and advancing to quarterfinals at the Tournament of Champions. He ended his senior year ranked 5th in the nation on Since then, Ben has coached the champions of the New York City Invitational Round Robin, the Manchester Invitational, and The Lexington Invitational, as well as finalists of the Harvard Round Robin, and finalists at Columbia. He currently attends the University of Chicago.


James Stage

James Stage is a Senior at Florida State University majoring in International Affairs and Political Science. He is certified in Business Research and Emergency Management and Homeland Security. In high school James competed in Public Forum for University School. He qualified to Nationals twice in Public Forum and made it to elimination rounds. James was top speaker at Harvard, both the round robin and tournament proper, the Florida Bluekey, Crestian Classic, and Florida Varssity Finals. He finaled at Bluekey, Nova Titan, and Florida Varsity Finals. He made semis at Emory, quarters at Glenbrooks, and won the Crestian Classic. In college James has been state champion of LD for two years, Parliamentary debate for 3 years, and Persuasion for 2 years.


Greg Stevens


Greg Stevens comes to NDF from Okoboji High School in Milford, Iowa where he and his wife, Laura, have taught for many years. He is an NFL triple diamond coach at Okoboji and Spirit Lake High Schools. His students have won 26 state champions in LD, Public Forum, and Congress, winning PF five straight years. His school sent at least one PFD team to NFL nationals for six straight years, compiling a 67-17 record in prelim with a 14th, 11th and an 8thplace finish. His students have been in final rounds at many TOC qualifying tournaments and have qualified for TOC in LD and PF. Last year his students earned bids at 6 different tournaments and qualified for and made semi-finals in the NDCA National Tournament.

Jordann Krouse


Jordann Krouse competed for Harrisburg High School in South Dakota and served as the debate’s team Secretary and President her Junior and Senior year respectively. Experienced in all categories, Jordann has placed 1st in every form of debate including Policy, PF, LincolnDouglas, as well as Extemporaneous. At her first circuit tournament, Dowling, she was able to earned a TOC bid in the Public Forum category. Jordann has qualified for nationals two years in a row (2015 & 2016). First she competed as captain of South Dakota’s world school debate team, second in Public Forum. Ranked highly in the state, Jordann was state runner up in the AA Public Forum category (2016) as well as a recipient of the Donus D. Roberts Award (2016). Jordann currently is attending Boston University majoring in Political Science & Communication, and looks forward to a fantastic summer at NDF.

Lincoln-Douglas Staff

Lauren Burdt


Lauren Burdt graduated from Creighton University in 2015 and manages the Big Questions Debates at the National Speech & Debate Association. She was the first debater from Ankeny High School to qualify to TOC or Nationals, clearing at every tournament she attended senior year. Since 2011, Lauren has coached LDers to over 20 bids and four state championships. She currently coaches at Millard North, where last season, her students finished their junior years in quarters of TOC and finals of NSDA Nationals.



Jenny Cook

Executive Director | BOSTON | IOWA 

Jenny Cook is a Senior Partner and Co-founder of Final Focus Group. Jenny is also the President of Summit Debate Enterprises, which she started in 1995. Summit Debate conducts national debate and speech institutes for high school students and provides resources and outreach for high school competitive debate and speech programs across the country.

In 2004, Jenny and her husband David Kraft, formed InterProd, and in 2010 created InterProd Theatre, which produced the 2010 New York City Planet Connections Theatre Festivities best Solo Show “Dig and Be Dug.” In addition, she is the Director of Arts at University School of Nova Southeastern University, a pre-K through 12 private school in Davie, Florida. She holds a Masters Degree in Management and Administration of Educational Programs. For over two decades, she has coached several national, regional and state champions in high school competitive debate and speech events. 

Dario Camara

Operations Director | BOSTON | IOWA

Dario Camara is the currently coaching Speech and Debate at Western High School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and was previously at Christopher Columbus High School in Miami, Florida. As a National Forensic League diamond coach, Dario has coached many successful students in Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Policy, Public Forum Debate and Congressional Debate. As the Director of the South Florida Catholic Forensic League, Dario also oversees the organization of local chapters in Broward and Dade counties, which is responsible for one of the biggest Speech and Debate leagues in the country.

Dario has coached several students to the out rounds of the Tournament of Champions in both Lincoln Douglas Debate and Student Congress and is responsible for two National Forensic League National Champions and four National Catholic Forensic Champions. Dario has also coached various students to elimination rounds of Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Apple Valley, Glenbrook, Bronx and other national tournaments. Dario also has coached in New Jersey and Florida, making him very familiar with different regional styles.

While under these programs, Dario was part of a consecutive New Jersey State Champion team for 8 years in the row and has won several Florida state championships in Speech & Debate. He has also won the University of Florida Gator Guard, the Florida Forensic League Regional Coach of the Year twice, Florida Forensic League State Coach of the Year (2012) and a recipient of the Jenny Cook Coaching and Service award. While at Christopher Columbus, Dario also received the Teacher of the Year (2015 Explorer Award). Dario is currently the Director of Operations of Summit Debate.